Publicado el 09 Mayo 2016
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As the plane drops down through the small opening in the lush canopy of the rainforest, I have a deep sense of coming home. We enter the community and I feel held in this huge embrace, the forest is beginning to talk to me. I am seen and I am safe. The Sapara welcome us with warmth, and such generous open hearts and laughter. Gently sharing with us how to live in relationship with all living things.     Everywhere I feel Life:  the heartbeat of the earth; the rhythm of the river as it carries us downstream; the plants and their spirits offering their gifts of nourishment and medicine, and the night time song of the animals leading us in to dreamtime.    Over the timeless days the interconnectedness of the web of life reveals itself leaving no room for doubt. It is like having the blinkers of our modern world madness removed and finally I can see clearly. The only requirement is to allow yourself to trust and BE. I feel so privileged to have visited Naku. The generosity of Manari and the community in their care for us and in their stand for Life in “the big picture” is humbling.

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Naku Sapara Experience
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Quito, Ecuador
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