Our Vision

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The Sapara are fully aware that they could very well disappear, but believe they have something unique to offer the world, in the form of their knowledge and wisdom of medicinal plants and the spirit world. So even if they do disappear they want their knowledge to be recorded for the benefit of others around the world.

In the meantime, they believe that one of the solutions to the root of the many crises the world faces is in visiting their community and learning about their wisdom and beliefs. Part of that has to do with recognizing and healing our relationship with nature and the Earth.

They envision a world in which society understands the importance of living in harmony with the Earth and the rights of nature are respected by all.

  • Healing Center
    Healing Center       Amazonian Healing Retreat Transforming depression, anxiety and chronic illness with the Sapara people 10 Days 9 Nights                    …
  • Jungle Immersion
    Jungle Immersion Imagine flying over the Amazon rainforest, with no evidence of the existence of humans for many miles. The endless green treetops mask the jungle below, making it impenetrable. The further…

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