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Naku is located in the community of Llanchamacocha, belonging to the Sapara Nation of Ecuador. According to the political administrative division, the community falls under the parish of Sarayaku, of canton of Pastaza, in the Pastaza province.

In order to get to the Sapara territory, one must travel to the town of Shell, located on the edge of the Amazon - 12 km from the city of Puyo, and 222 km from Quito - and take a small plane for a short flight of about 30 minutes to arrive directly in Llanchamacocha.

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Naku Sapara Experience
Av. De los Shyris N3-134 y Av. República del Salvador.
Edificio El Libertador Of. 601
Quito, Ecuador
Phone: (593) 2 382 4605
Mobile: (593) 99 944 1930 / (593) 99 848 8769