Community Development

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           The Sapara have chosen to respond to the many threats to their existence by creating a community enterprise to generate revenue to improve the lives of the Sapara people and support appropriate development in their communities. Right now the project is centered around the four communities of Matsakaw, Llanchamacocha, Naruka, and Nakuna, but in the future their goal is to benefit all Sapara communities. Their goal is to provide support for health emergencies, basic needs, and to improve and develop education in their community. Right now, they only have the capacity to offer schooling up to grade 5 or 6, but with the support of this project they hope to offer their youth a chance to complete high school and even achieve a university degree in a way that respects their knowledge and gives them something applicable to their worldview and that is recognized by the government.

            By opening their home to receive visitors from around the world, they hope to share their knowledge about how to live in balance with nature with others, demonstrate another way to generate revenue that doesn’t destroy the forest like oil, logging, or mining, and generate income to support the improvement of the lives of the Sapara people. They are also developing some products based around medicinal plants from their community to sell nationally and abroad.


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