Even if we disappear, we want to leave our knowledge for the world

 Naku is an indigenous organization created by the Sapara people of the Ecuadorian Amazon that serves to protect, preserve, and share the ancient wisdom of the Sapara. 

amazonia iconImmersion in Sapara Territory

Come and immerse yourself in a different world and learn a new way of being, based on respect and reverence; where everything is alive.

sapara iconHealing Center

Come to heal yourself on the deepest level and find your inner healing power.

Contact Information

Naku Sapara Experience
Quinta San Luis de Lumbisí Vía Lumbisí Km 2, s/n, Oficina 5
Quito, Ecuador
Phone: (593) 2 382 4605
Mobile: (593) 99 944 1930 / (593) 99 848 8769